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HBV Genotyping & Drug Resistance Test

HBV (Hepatitis B Virus) infection is the leading cause of chronic liver diseases and death worldwide.Genotyping and assessment of the viral load in HBV patients is important for designing the therapeutic strategies. Antiviral therapy is used to prevent the infection with HBV.


Sequencing by capillary electrophoresis, which is highly accurate and gives detailed report. Fresh HBV viral load values mandatory.

Importance of the Test 

Identification of the infecting strain of HBV that may help clinician in tailoring specific treatment(s). HBV can be classified into 10 genotypes (A to J) based upon an inter-group divergence of 8 percent or more in the complete nucleotide sequence.Some HBV genotypes are further classified as sub-genotypes.Different HBV genotypes are associated with different mutations in the HBV precore and core promoter gene regions.

Test Significance 

Antiviral therapy is used to prevent the infection with HBV. Two types of Antiviral drugs are used: interferon- alpha (INF- α) and nucleoside analogs. INF-α exhibits high efficiency in preventing replication of the virus through stimulating leukocytes to secrete antiviral proteins, but it has numerous side effects and its use is inconvenient. Nucleoside analogs are oral agents and include Lamivudine, Telbivudine, Entecavir, Adefovir, Tenofovir and Emtricitabine.These drugs are effective as anti-HBV agents when combined with HBV polymerase to prevent the replication of HBV DNA. This class of drug is well tolerated, easy to take and reduces the liver damage with fewer side effects. But the limitation is drug resistance due to HBV DNA genetic mutation. Therefore, early detection of drug resistance mutations has become increasingly important to guide treatment and predict prognosis in clinical cures.


7-10 days

Sample Type 

a) 5 ml whole blood in EDTA vacutainer
b) EDTA-plasma 

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